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Welcome to Classicjapcycles.com
   Hello, and welcome to my website!! The purpose of this website is to create a place where those interested in the older motorcycles, manufactured in Japan...and sometimes other places, can stop by and have a read, take a stroll down memory lane, or make use of some of the more technical info for use on their own classic. 
    I am a collector and restorer of these motorcycles, and have been playing with them since the 1980's. A teenager at the time, I couldn't afford to buy the latest and greatest bikes, so my option was to purchase what I could afford, rebuild them, ride and have some fun. That's when I realized that working on them was often as fun as actually going for a ride. Take a machine that is dead, perform surgery, and bring it back to life..what a concept!!  The skills I learned also benefitted some of my riding buddies, who on occasion, would break down in the middle of nowhere.....and guess who got the honour of getting things mobile again??
    As time went on I got the oppertunity work at a motorcycle shop, and learn from the "godfather" himself, which was a great experience on many levels, and a time I have fond memories of.....thank you Barry! As time went on, I went to college, got married, got a house, became a father, and enherited a lot more responsibility. During this time I got away from motorcycles completely, although I kept one or two hibernating in my shop just incase. Then, six months after my son was born, I thought it would be a  great idea to get him his first bike..a 1974 honda z50. It was in pretty good shape, but wasn't running....and there the viscious cycle began all over again. Once I began working on it I realized how much I missed motorcycles...and I havn't looked back since.
    Enough about me, back to the website. As time permits, there will be a history page, outlining Japanese motorcycles in the early years. There will be pages on specific models, such as those in mine, and other peoples collections. There will be pages dedicated to those motorcycles which brought technical advancements into the fold, and to those that just plain stunk. There will be some technical pages, links, resources, and maybe even a blog, as time permits. I hope everyone has a great time here, but if not there is a x in the upper right hand corner of your screen...please feel free to click on it. You can contact us at the below address for questions, comments, or to submit your classic bike to the showcase.  admin@classicjapcycles.com