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Moto Art

    Since the beginning of time, people have been expressing themselves through drawing. Be it carvings in a cave, or a million dollar canvas, it all comes under the title of art. Art has been a huge part in advertising just about anything one can imagine and with great success. In modern times and with technology we have seen a decrease in artistic advertising, with the replacement being a television commercial. Any company who would commission an artist to paint an advertisement would also put a lot of thought and effort into what they wanted the finished product to look like and the message it was to convey. By comparison, television advertisements for the most part are bullshit...two grown men dressed up like a unicorn, advertising a particular detergent...pathetic. Anyhow, I have been saving any and all moto art as I find it online. Some is vintage while other is modern with a classic flare. While Mona Lisa or Van Gough don't appeal to me, this stuff surely does. I take no credit for any of these pics but I proudly display them here.