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Top Ten Hates About Old Bikes

    Anyone who works on older motorcycles enherits all the 'mods" and "mistakes" crafted by previous owners, along with the occasional weirdness supplied by the manufacturer. This can range from a stripped thread, to a frame held together with duct tape, to gaskets cut out of beer cans. Over the years, I have just about seen it all, and below is my top ten hates.
(1)    Keihin Carburetors new, used, or otherwise
(2)    Stripped bolts, stuck bolts, bolts that break off flush, bolts with phillips heads.
(3)    Fuel tanks full of liquid other than gasoline(see real stinkers page)
(4)    Dual purpose tires
(5)    Tire bead locks
(6)    Fiberglass fenders
(7)    Cheap aftermarket parts made in China
(8)    Seat foam that smells of dirty socks
(9)    Honda cb 750's
(10)  Bucket over shim valve trains