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You've Been Around Bikes Too Long When...

(a) You remember leaded gasoline and like the chrisp aroma it gave off.
(B) You remember motorcycle advertisements which included someone sitting on the featured bike, while having a smoke.
(c) You find an old invoice for accessories you bought from Hap Jones.
(d) You still have Suzuki cci two stroke oil in the old quart sized tin cans.
(e) You vividly remember gasoline costing .57/ liter.
(f) Someone asks you what spark plug fits their bike and you reply with a KLG Spark plug number.
(g) Someone mentions they have the DT'S, and you ask what year and engine size.
(h) You can remember a time when dirt bikes didn't require provincial registration.
(i) Some of your favorite riding areas were turned into subdivisions...20 years ago, but you still talk about them like it was yesterday.
(j) You mention the word enduro, and some young punk says, " dude, it's called a dual sport".
(k) When the Kawasaki KX-450 comes up in conversation, you picture a bike with a lime green tank, black fenders, a low pipe, and a howlin' two stroke engine.
(l) You can name the riders from Harley Davidsons' 1978 motocross team off by heart.
(m) Someone mentions a place named snake river canyon and you know where it is geographically, and that Evil Knievel tried to jump it in 1974.
(n) You remember when Yamaha YZ'S came with yellow plastic and black seats.
(o) You are playing word association. Someone says "Vincent", and before anyone has a chance to say "Van Gough", you blurt out, "Black Shadow" .
(p) You are looking through your t-shirts and find one that says, " Hugh's Bultaco"
(q) You have ridden dirt bikes that had rubber coated foot pegs, steel fenders, and a six volt battery.
(r) You can explain how a flat head engine works.
(s) Catalina to you is a motorcycle race not a salad dressing.
(t) You know what points and condensors are and how to set them.
(u) If you can relate to all of the above, then you have been around motorcycles way too long, and may even qualify for old phart status.