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David Levenschulme Dedication

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    As time goes buy we meet all sorts of people in our travels, some through work, through friends, and some through our collective hobbies. Amongst all those people, there are the ones that stand out...the kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime, a pillar in the community, the kind of person who would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it, someone who is always there when you need help......and unfortunately for me, and hundreds of other people, that person left us recently in a motorcycle accident.


     His name was David Levenschulme, but he went by Dave, The first time I met Dave must have been twenty years ago or so. It was after eleven o'clock in the evening, and I was headed home from town. There is a long, fairly straight street where I grew up called Chesley Drive. About half way down, my bike sputters and dies. Sure enough, I had ran out of gas, I had no money on me, and the nearest gas station was a fair distance away. Many other bikes, mostly Harleys, had passed and no one stopped. Then along came a lone bike and rider and I could hear him gearing down. He came to a stop, got off of his bike, and he says, " nice night to be having bike troubles...any idea what the problem is? Well, the tank is bone dry, I have no money on me, and i have a ways to go to get home. Well that's no problem...someone will be here in a few minutes with gas to get you home. Thanks man!!  can I get your address so I can pay you back?...."  We'll see you on the road was his answer and he rode off. 
    A few minutes passed and along comes an old half ton Ford. The driver gets out, hands me a five liter can of gas and says, " this is for you man.....thanks!! how much do i owe you??? nothing.. Levenschulme took care of it..happy trails man!!!" And off he went. 
    Many years passed and time went on. Then one spring there was a thirty day shutdown at the nuclear plant, so I took the call, and after what seemed like an eternity of training, I finally arrived at the mechanical maintenance department. And low and behold, standing there with a big smile on his face was that lone rider from so many years before, Dave Levenschulme. 
    That was one of many shutdowns where I had the oppertunity to work around Dave. By the time I went there to work the refurb, Dave had moved on to another position but from time to time you would run into him..and he was usually having a laugh with someone else, or a group of people. I remember having to do a lift, but the contractor I worked for, nor the general contractor could provide me with a total weight that looked right. I ran into Dave and asked for his help on this..he dropped everything and provided me with the information I needed to make that lift safely....always willing to help. 
    Many times we would run into each other at the plant and the topic would be motorcycles. He would ask what the latest bike in the collection was..and the he would say, " let me guess..it's old and it's a two stroke right??" with a big smile on his face, and then laugh. 
    Another thing that needs to be said is that he never forgot his roots in motorcycling. Even though he rode a 
Harley, he wasn't a bike biggot, and was just as enthusiastic about an old Yamaha being restored as the owner was. 
    Dave being gone is a loss that is unmeasurable to his family, friends, co- workers, and the general public at large. You all have my deepest sympathy. In closing, it was an honour and a privilege to know and work with him and as a tribute to Dave, I am dedicating www.classicjapcycles.com to him. To take a few words from an old song by AC/DC for Dave, "ride on"