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Hello –


I just discovered your site.  I’m looking forward to drilling into the content.  I too own a ’74 Trail Boss that I picked up a few years ago.  Back in the 70’s I learned on a ’74 Kawasaki MC1 and then graduated to a ’72 Trail Boss.  Both of which my family purchased new.  My dad sold them back in the 80’s when I went off to college.  I wish he would have let me know.  They were well maintained and not beat to crap like most stuff on CL these days.  The ’74 brings back a lot of memories.  Here’s some pics of mine:



Cheers, Gianni

Thanks Gianni, your Trail boss is immaculate!!! For a 100cc, the trail boss is not to be underestimated, in low range they are quite capable off road bikes. Cheers!!!