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Website Specifics

    The purpose of this website is to take like minded individuals back in time, or in some cases as an educational tool, for those restoring a classic motorcycle of Japanese origin. This website is no way is for profit, and as stated above, is intended for entertainment, and education. While we strive to be accurate in our writings (ramblings), we are human, and do sometimes make mistakes. If an inaccuracy is found, please let us know so that it can be corrected. As for pictures, illustrations, and diagrams, we do our best to make use of old factory pictures, advertisements, and manuals, as well as pictures from our own collections. Sometimes, when trying to explain a topic, a picture or illustration to accompany the text is required as a path to understanding. In this case we sometimes need to pull a drawing from the web that aren't our own. If we have posted a picture which is the property of someone, who objects to us displaying it here, please contact the admin, and it will be removed immediately. For those who don't object, we thank you for the use of your photo or illustration, you might have helped someone better understand their classic motorcycle. If there are any other questions, or comments, please contact the admin . Please enjoy the website!!! 
One more thing needs to be mentioned here, the use of the word "jap" is not intended as a racial slur or to be derrogatory in any way, as it relates to this website. It was used because the word Japanese had already been used by other websites. Had we left out "jap" it would have implied the website was based on all classics, which it isn't, and using "asian" or " oriental" would imply motorcycles produced in places other than Japan. We hope this clarifies the situation with those whom have sent us hate mail.