Motorcycle Books Worth Reading

    How many time have you bought a motorcycle book, got it home only to be totally disapointed?  The below list are the related books that grace my library. Although there are a few that deal with non Japanese cycles, all are for certain, worthy of a  read.
"MONKEY BUTT" by Rick Sieman
    If you are old enough to remember what an aircooled two stroke is, then you need to read this book. This book takes you on a trip back in time to when the off road sports were just beginning, and from the perspective of someone directly involved in the industry. The book is hilarious...get it at
"BIG SID'S VINCATI" by Matthew Biberman
    As the cover of the book says, "The Story of a Father, a Son, and the Motorcycle of a Lifetime". Well worth a read, a book you won't mind keeping on your shelf.
    Ever hear a story about someone finding an old bike in a barn, abandoned for decades, and retreiving it?  That is what this book is about, some interesting tales here!!

    The next volume filled with tales of motorcycle archaeology...a book you won't want to put down!!

"THE LAST RIDE" by Rick Sieman
    A new book by the famous Super Hunky. I won't go into detail about the contents of this book, I'll only say that it involves a  Yamaha DT-1 and a very long trail ride. I'm currently about half way through reading this one, and can give it a big thumbs up, so go to and get yourself a copy today!!

"HODAKA" by Jeff Hackett, Patti Stannard, and Amy Stannard
    This is a neat little book with a lot of never before seen pictures of Hodakas, advertising of the day, and with some words from those who were there, dispelling some of the more colourful rumours. Well worth adding to the library. They can be had at

...more to follow