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Shop Supplies You Will Need

    If you plan to work on your own bike, there are some consumables you should keep on hand. Add it up and it can become expensive, but without the below items, you will have a difficult time completing your work. These items are what i would suggest for the beginner. 

Rags 30 pound bag
wheel bearing grease
3 in one penetrating oil
locktite or permatex thread locking compound (blue)
carburator cleaner (aerosol)
brake cleaner (aerosol)
electrical contact cleaner (aerosol)
spray nine
die-electric grease
electric tape
propane torch
heat shrink tubing
sand paper (220 grit)
permatex liquid gasket (gray)
owens-corning silicone clear
chain lube
air filter element oil
blue latex gloves (100 box)
thread sealer teflon gas rated with brush in can
teflon tape gas rated
gas line antifreeze
fuel stabilizer
.....there will be more as you ger better at working on your motorcycle, but this is a good start.