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Spark plugs

The Fire Down Below

    We all have our favorite brand of just about everything, and for good reason. We all have different needs and expectations in life, which is why some people drink tap water, and others drink Perrier. As it relates to motorcycle spark plugs, the same rules apply..or does it??? 
    When I first began riding I tried a few different brands of spark plugs in my Kawasaki. One brand was American made and repeatedly failed. The other was of European descent, was expensive, but at least it didn't fail. Then someone mentioned that I should run a Japanese plug since I was running a Japanese bike, so out came the Bosch, in went the NGK, and off I rode into the sun set. I have used and will continue to use NGK spark plugs in my bikes...because, I have never had one fail me, ever, rich oil mix, bad crank seals, messed up carburetor, doesn't matter, they perform excellent. 
    Having said that, I was recently browsing at our local Princess Auto, which would be similar to Harbor Freight for our American readers, and noticed they carried the E3 brand of spark plugs. These are reputed to give easier starting, more horsepower, and a more complete combustion cycle, which means a more efficient engine. Well, I installed one in my Rokon and it didn't run that well when new. I then installed one in my 1980 Kawasaki 175, and again, what a pleasant surprise. There was an immediate increase in horsepower, and starting was easier. Throttle response was also more crisp than usual. Combine the E3 plug with a set of Boyesen reeds and that stock engine may give you a surprise!!! Time will tell if they will last like their competitor, but for ten bucks, it's money well spent. No, I'm not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned here, just sharing my experience and opinion.