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The Mono Shock P-2

    As stated elsewhere on this site, everything old is new again. Many things invented in the past get re-invented and put into production very sucessfully. Sometimes these inventions failed due to bad engineering, or inferrior materials, but with fresh eyes, and modern materials they succeed. In other cases, they may have been put into production, but were too expensive, or fell out of favour. As it relates to the mono shock, there is another motorcycle from the past that has some of the characteristics of the Tilkens system. Although it uses two very short travel shocks, it does make use of the triangulated swingarm. The motorcycle this suspension was attached to, was on the leading edge of technology in it's time if you look at it's design, specifically its chassis. I often wonder how much we borrow from the past to create the future. The picture below is of the British Vincent motorcycle. Another British manufacturer, B.S.A. built and raced a scrambler circa 1962, which was equipped with their own version of the mono shock. The pictures of it below came from facebook and I have no further information on it. I can say that they must have decided to shelve the concept because their scramblers, such as the 441 victor, and the b50mx, which were built later in time, came with the traditional dual shock set up.