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1977 Honda CT-125

    The CT-125 was introduced in 1977 and was only sold in North America for that year. It was aimed at farmers, for use in agriculture or ranching along with the ATC. The ATC sold by the thousands, and the CT collected dust in showrooms, hence deletion from the list in 1978. The CT was made up of parts from the 1976 XL-125, with some unique components added. It sported trials tires, extended mud flaps on both fenders, a luggage rack above the rear fender, a fully enclosed chain guard, and one of the most restrictive exhaust systems one could possibly imagine. These bikes also came with full instrumentation and lights making them street legal. Other bikes in this class include the Yamaha AG-175 and Kawasaki G4. The CT sold well in Australia, and was continued there for several years.
     i took one of these bikes on trade for a bunch of Briggs and Stratton parts i had. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it as it's missing many parts, and is in poor condition. The flip side is that where it was only sold here for one year, it may be worth while to rebuild. Still, there is another possible plan for it which involves building it into a replica 70's four stroke motocross racing bike. Many companies made fortunes taking stock motorcycles like the honda XL and XR and building fire breathing little monsters out of them. We'll see where it goes, but one thing is for sure..either way, it won't be cheap. Below are a few pics of the bike as it sits today. Be warned, after viewing these pics, you may need a tetanus both eyes!!
     Once the "non-standard" parts were removed from the bike, and a close inspection was made, the best option was to offer it for parts rather than rebuild. So it's case closed on this bike.
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