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1977 Suzuki TC-185

    As mentioned on another page, most Japanese manufacturers' had several different, or not so different, motorcycles of the same engine displacement. Suzuki, up until 1977, had two such machines in the line up. There was the TS-185, which was a piston port, two stroke, five speed, kick start only, with a six volt electrical system. Very similar, was the TC-185, but with some significant differences. the TC has a ten speed transmission, five in high range, five in low, a 12 volt electrical system, and in addition to kick start, it also had one of the first electric starters offered on an enduro. It also had a much wider engine than the TS, and was quite a bit heavier. Heavy or not, the TC, like the TS, made some serious power and in fact, really stood out when compared to the competition, like the Yamaha DT, and the Kawasaki KE. The TC was discontinued at the end of 1977 and the TS lived on until 1981
    A good friend, Rick,  decided he wanted to take up riding, and wanted an enduro.....a classic, and shortly afterword, a 1977 TC-185 turned up. The bike had been sitting for some time, and required a full servicing, new battery, and some other things to make it run properly. Not long after that it began making the tell tale sounds to let you know it needed a top end rebuild. Once rebuilt, this bike was down right scarry..just like i remember them being. My friend found another classic he liked better.....even more a classic, but with a bit more manageable power, so the TC was sold. For the rest of the saga, have a look at the 1974 Kawasaki G4-RT 100 page. In the meantime, here are a few pics of the TC-185.