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1979 Honda XR 80

     Honda released the XR75 in the early 1970's and it sold like hot cakes. In stock form, it could be used for trail riding or school boy motocross. Shortly thereafter, an entire after market hop up industry was created for this bike just to give you an idea of just how popular it was. Helping that popularity was the fact that many future motocross champions started out on the 75, including Jeff Ward. Ward had his own line of parts one could buy to build  Ward replica, under the corporate banner of Jeff Ward Racing. Then in 1979 it was decided to increase displacement to 80cc and rename the bike XR80, which lives today as the CRF 80. Around the same time as the change to XR80 the CR80 Elsinore models were introduced. These were race bikes right out of the box and once they were available, the XR was relegated to trail bike status. Individuals have and continue to build some very high end race bikes from the XR80 and in fact there is a huge community of builders, and part suppliers world wide.
     This past summer a fellow fire fighter offered me a 1979 Honda XR80 as a rebuild for my son. I gladly accepted and the bike is pictured below as received. While complete, it will be a complete rebuild because it has lived a rough life. I must admit, I like the classic look of a low pipe.