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Non Japanese Motorcycles

    Let's face it, if you are here, then you have a sickness, an unhealthy obsession with old bikes, and it has been clinically proven that once afflicted with this particular ailment the only cure is death, or bankruptcy. As this ailment progresses, you will find that being choosy, or smitten with a particular brand of bike no longer cuts the mustard. You will crave all brands of classics and begin to think as if you were sitting at the drive through at McDonalds...super size me. When things get really bad you will find yourself brushing your teeth with chrome polish, or marinating your steak in two stroke oil. Ok, enough satire, just because I tend to favour Japanese bikes, doesn't mean I don't like classics from other manufacturer's, and this is the place for those motorcycles, but be warned.....while I would have no problem doing a page on the Russian Dneiper, Ural, Voshkod, or, Izmash motorcycles, you will not find pages on Chinese motorcycles. I have yet to see one that is worth talking about, and if it's not worth talking about, it certainly is not worth writing about...nuff said. Sub pages will be posted at the bottom of this page covering those bikes.