1970 Rokon Trailbreaker MK3

I always wanted a two stroke Rokon and especially the suicide shift version. I had recently purchased a 2010 Trailbreaker but since I had my 2007 model which is very close to the 2010, I decided to trade it. My local Rokon dealer and  friend Peter  just happened to have such a beast in his possession and the rest is history. I have rebuilt the Tillitson carb and replaced a cable, but other than that she's good. These early bikes can truly be called international because Rokon sourced parts all over the planet, to build them. My 1970 had the Chrysler power bee 136cc two stroke engine (American made), Mated to an Albion three speed gearbox (British made). The solo seat was made by Aquila in Italy, and the carb was made in Kerry Ireland. Put it all together and you get an unstoppable machine. Peter's company is called Rokon Atlantic and can be found at www.rokonatlantic.com