1976 AMF Harley Davidson SX-125

    Back in the 60's and 70's it seemed like everyone was building dirt bikes, and not to be left out, Harley Davidson had been in the game since the mid 60's, with the 175cc Scat. In 1975 the enduro line up was restyled into the SX series, sometimes listed as the SXT series, in sizes 125cc, 175cc, and, 250cc. These, like all AMF two stroke motorcycles, were designed, and the components manufactured in Italy, and by some accounts, assembled in Milwaukee. They were sold through the traditional Harley Davidson dealers, who were pretty put off by the whole thing, considering they weren't experienced, or trained to work with two strokes. Then there were the reliability issues, poor quality control, inferior materials, and the always interesting game of trying to get spare parts.....back ordered....forever, so I have been told. The two strokes were phased out in the late 1970's, and it was back to the big twins for the dealers. These motorcycles were marketed at a time, when Harley Davidson was under the control of an Italian company by the name of Aermacchi, who were well known in europe for building aircraft and motorcycles. All was not bad during this time, as AMF-Harley Davidson had been running a sizeable race program since the late 60's, and actually had a motocross team, manned by the likes of Rocket Rex Staten, but was cancelled in 1978. 
    How did I end up with an SX- 125?..Well, my Brother in law had it for a few years, and had taken it apart, with the hopes of restoring it. He later decided that restorations weren't for him, so a deal was made, and I now own it. There is no way to sugar coat it...this bike is an absolute wreck, and  to restore it will require a bare frame up rebuild. As it stands now, there is hardly a part on this bike that is useable ......however...I have a plan..a plan which will unfold as time goes on. Below are pics of the bike as of july 2014. This bike has been passed on to another collector.